Focusing on the art of FAMILY

“Focusing on the art of FAMILY”

I was born in Miami Beach. My father was an avid photographer and he was always taking pictures! At the age of 10 I was very fortunate to spend a couple of years with my maternal grandparents in Buenos Aires. My grandfather was a tailor who made custom suits for his clients in a small room at the back of the house. He had classical music playing on his radio as he cut and sewed all day long. I loved watching him work and I often think of him when I am sitting in my room (known to many of you as the “editing dungeon”) cutting and pasting to my favorite music (known to many of you as: the Beatles). By the time I was 21 I had lived on 5 different continents, in 6 different countries in 11 different cities. Being immersed in many different cultures offered me a wide perspective on society and traditions.

It was here in South Florida in 1982 that I had the good fortune of meeting many amazing families. I was honored with the privilege of documenting the most significant moments of their lives and creatively telling their story through the art of film making. I have remained close friends with many of my clients from whom I’ve learned and continue to learn the “art of family” that today I apply to my own.